First Born

It is about time we get this Fetch Ranch portion of our blog going.  The tab for this section on our main family blog has been just hanging out by its lonesome for several weeks now.  And what better way to kick it off than with the arrival of our first calf!

We were so fortunate to get Mali Moo last summer.  She is just so sweet and friendly.  She was already bred when she came to live on the Fetch Ranch so we’ve been eagerly awaiting her calf’s arrival.  Since Mali was field bred, we only knew that her calf would arrive some time after March 1.  So, for at least a week, we’ve been checking for signs of labor in anticipation of the Fetch Ranch’s first born!
IMG_3770We were so hopeful that we would be present for the birth, but knew the chances might be slim.  Mali, being the awesome family cow that she is, waited until we all got home from school and work on Friday night to start contracting.  Her ligaments were like mush and her behavior was out of the ordinary for her.  Of course we noticed some other bodily changes that signified the calf was coming!  We managed to guide Mali into her pen and hoped that the calf would come sooner rather than later.  Of course, Friday happened to be one of the coldest nights of the season so we all bundled up and gathered around for Calf Watch 2014.
IMG_4560Mali paced and circled the pen multiple times.  She laid down.  She got up.  And she paced some more.  Just like a woman in labor.  Just over an hour after we got her into the pen, the little calf made its first appearance.  Two hooves and a little pink tongue.  So far so good!
IMG_4574She was down and up a couple more times but then finally down for the delivery.  We petted her and told her sweet nothings as she did just as she was supposed to to get her little one into the world.
IMG_4565Mr F assisted as much as necessary with the delivery.  Mali was making gentle little noises and she seemed so tired.  About an hour and a half after the onset, cute little Milo joined our family.
IMG_4612Miss Gracie observed quietly from the next pen.  (You can see her nose in the picture above.)  She seemed like the supportive friend for Mali throughout the delivery.  Milo was tired from all the activity of entering the world and it took about 2 hours for him to finally get his “farm legs”.  He and Mali spent some time chasing each other around the pen, until they finally got their acts together and Milo could finally nurse.
IMG_4639Both Mali and Milo are doing well and are both healthy.  They are enjoying their time together in the pasture soaking up the sun.
mali and milo
milo in the sunThe kids are having fun with their new pet.  Who knew a cow could be so cute and cuddly!?


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